Getting Started - Build Your First Website

Before you get started

Building a website takes a long time. Building your first website takes even longer. We are going to start by lowering that bar and quickly diving into building your first website. To do this, we are going to forget about what your website goal is, and just start learning the basics. Let's get started!

There are two main skills you'll need to build an effective website. 

1. Design: The layout, structure, and content of your site (aka your user experience)
2. Development: the technical implementation of the site itself

We are going to focus on learning the tools needed build a website first - the development side of things. It is important to understand the building blocks we can use before designing a website. We will get to the specifics of your site later on in this course. For now, I suggest following the video as it will guide you through setting up your first website. 

Goal: Setup your first website on Squarespace

Follow along to learn how to setup a new website on squarespace. We are going to setup a fake site to learn the process. Do not worry about the site's name matching your business or personal site's name, we will get to that later.

Follow Along: 

  1. Visit
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Create an account (if prompted to) 
  4. Choose a template
  5. Go through the Squarespace new site setup
  6. You've just build a website - be proud of what you've just accomplished!